Founded in Berkeley in 1966, we create an environment in which children grow in self-awareness, self-esteem and acceptance of others while their intellectual curiosity is stimulated and their readiness to learn is allowed to develop naturally and spontaneously.


This begins with our 2 year olds learning to share and take turns, continues with our 3 year olds cooperating in a group project and helping to clean up afterwards, while our 4 year olds focus on negotiating the rules of a game that is inclusive of many different viewpoints and ideas. Our school age kids are drawing up petitions when they don’t like a particular snack and putting on plays about saving forests. Our environment encourages children to be active and engaged.

The comment heard so frequently about our graduates is
"New School children are so full of confidence."
Children are happy at New School. They are very energetic and are
extremely interested in many kinds of activities — they climb,
jump, sing, shout, and dance.

Our Vision

We wish to nurture in our students an appreciation of diversity. We practice mutual respect, fairness, advocacy, and peaceful resolution of conflict. We cultivate these values and concepts daily at school and actively work for them locally and globally.

We encourage and create opportunities for New School children and their families to get involved in the community. In the past they've contributed to food banks, collected towels and toiletries for the homeless and hygiene kits for HIV and AIDS orphans in Mozambique, they've sent school supplies to Guatemala, protested poisonous preservatives in their play structures and marched for peace and against wars. Over the years the children and their families have done these things and more.

You may wonder how this is possible with a bunch of noisy, rambunctious, and sometimes tired and cranky kids. We talk to them about issues that we think they can understand and encourage them to get involved. We listen to them. We acknowledge their ideas, appreciate their opinions, and the courage it takes to voice them and help them look for solutions. We want them to know that they can make a positive difference.

Scholarship Program

We maintain a scholarship program because we believe that the best education is one in which many points of view flourish, and this type of environment requires a culturally diverse group of children, regardless of economic situation. The scholarships are subsidized by several fundraising events during the year. 

Visit Us

We encourage families to visit the school and to talk with teachers and parents—to watch children growing in self-awareness, self-esteem, and the acceptance of others, while their intellectual curiosity is stimulated and their readiness to learn is allowed to develop naturally and spontaneously.

Give us a call: (510) 548-9165