New School is…


A place where children are happy and relaxed, where there is freedom to play, to be, to learn and to grow. We are a play-based program where children's play is considered a vital means of cognitive and social learning and the primary means for growth and development.


We believe…


Every moment, encounter, activity and "mistake" is an opportunity to teach and to learn. So when you come at the end of the day and there is paint on your child's clothes, one sock missing and their cubby is full of strange little treasures, be reassured and comforted in the fact that your child has learned a lot that day and is being well prepared for life's adventures.


Why New School

Founded in Berkeley in 1966, New School recognizes how wonderful and effortless it is to learn when you are having fun, when you are relaxed and open to the moment of discovery.

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New School's curriculum and daily structure are designed to cultivate and nourish the children's natural interests and abilities. Classes are team-taught and based on the concept of an open classroom.

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